Monday, 30 July 2012

Miley and her amazing boots (and more)

So, it is no secret to my friends and family that it might be an understatement to say that I am a fan of Miley Cyrus. Apart from her beautiful hair/voice/face/body/skin/everything, I have been lusting after almost every piece of clothing she has been photographed wearing lately. Her style is continuously effortless but gorgeous, and she seems to be able to pull of everything she dares to step out of the house in.
One feature of her coveted wardrobe which I am particularly envious of are her Frye Veronica Shortie boots (pictured above). She has been photographed wearing them several times, and is not the only star who seems to favour them.
(Picture above are Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Rachel Bilson and Leighton Meester)

The punkish, worker-style boots look great when worn with shorts, dresses, or with jeans tucked into them. If only I had $298 (or its equivalent) to spare! However, until I get my big break and have lots of riches, River Island and Blowfish both sell pairs similar to the sought-after Frye originals for a quarter of the price.
(Above: River Island Biker Boots, £75)

(Above: Blowfish Tribecca boots, £75)

As well as her fantastic boots, Miley's attire also caught my big green eyes. From reading certain 'steal her style' type articles, I gather than Miley often shops at American Apparel, a favourite of my own, famous for their simple, staple wardrobe essentials. I love her tiny white crop top shown in the first picture, as well as the high-waisted white denim shorts, but really, i'd rather have her washboard abs and long legs to go with them. Actually, can I just be her? Because really, who else can pull off that trademark scraped-up ballerina bun of hers.

I'm back!

So my efforts to continue as a regular blogger have not been quite as good as I perhaps anticipated (to say the least). I don't think I chose quite the right time to begin writing a blog, as my AS level exams were just about to begin, and I would then start the A level course in September and would probably not have quite as much free time as I would have liked to.
Anyway, I am all finished with school now. I am, and have been, on my summer break since 21st June, and have only recently been leaning towards re-starting this blog again. I have a long summer, and already have lots of ideas about what I can be blogging about. I am not going to attempt to collate a structured idea of what this blog will consist of, as it will most probably just be 'what I am obsessing over at the moment'.
I am hoping to go to university in September to study English with American Literature, and am considering a post-grad course in Fashion Journalism. But I am fully aware that I am still young and impressionable, and my interests and desires are likely to change over the next few years, so nothing is set in stone just yet.

I have changed the name of my blog, as it matches the URL of my tumblr - - which is much more casual and a bit more personal than this blog. Any tumblr users reading, please feel free to follow it, as I always appreciate more followers :) The content of it is probably of a similar theme to that of this blog, but mostly pictures rather than text.

So, with all of those explanations out of the way, I am now hoping to have another go at continuing with this blog!

Holly xx