Monday, 13 August 2012

Favourite of the moment: pink nail polishes for summer!

As quite the nail art fanatic and owner of a very extensive collection of polishes, I am always chopping and changing the colours on my nails. Over the past few months, I have been favouring the 'accent third nail' trend which has been popular, as well as various other intricate designs, but more recently I have been going back a classic, solid colour on both hands. As the weather in England hasn't exactly been pleasant as of late (what a surprise, eh?), I have been more and more conscious that summer is almost over. While mourning the loss of chances to exhibit my barely worn summer clothes, I have been forced to channel my cheery, 'summery' impulses in other ways!
Pink nails have been a classic colour for any age. Pink can be childish, girly, fun, and sophisticated, and I have been wearing some of my favourite shades a lot recently.

The first colour, which I am in fact wearing as I type this, is the Boots brand 17, Lasting Fix nail polish in the colour Tropical Island. I think it's such a pretty shade, and of course its name confirms what a summery colour it is. The nail polish is of good quality, although I definitely think you need at least two coats, otherwise the colour is a bit sheer. It really does last a while, especially considering the fact that my nails are for some reason very susceptible to chipping. The polish costs £2.99 from all Boots stores.

Some of you may disagree with me in counting the above colour, appropriately named 'Peach Melba', in a post about pink nail polishes, but I think that it is just about acceptable! Of all of the nail polishes/paints in my collection, I would have to say that probably 70% of them are by Barry M. I love the range of colours, and there is a lot of product in the bottle. This colour has been a recent purchase of mine, and I hadn't seen any other brand make a nail polish in this colour before. It is feminine, subtle and gorgeous for summer, and like all Barry M nail paints, has a fab colour pay-off. It also retails for £2.99.

This colour is another 17 bargain, but part of the Fast Finish collection. The shade is not unlike the previously mentioned Barry M colour, but with a slightly pink tone to it, rather than orange/peach. It is called 'Pink Lemonade', and especially like the Barry M polish is perfect for this summer's pastel colours trend. I wore this colour for the first few weeks of summer, and its name reminded me of how much I love the drink, so naturally this brought back another obsession. Again, this cost me £2.99.

This last colour in my list is quite an old find of mine. When rediscovering it not so long ago, all I could think of was myself, aged 12, with this messily painted in thick gloops on my nails. Perhaps it was its neon shade which initially put me off, but recently I have been going back to it. Maybe a part of me just felt nostalgic, but I have actually been really liking this lately. The trick with bright, vibrant colours like this, I think, is to do one or two thin coats. Less is more! Anyway, it is by the brand Stargazer, in the colour 205. I believe it was £2.50.

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