Sunday, 19 August 2012

Studded biker boots for the fall!

I am aware that having two very closely-related posts, in this case about black biker boots, is probably unjustifiable in quite a small space of time, but I feel it is necessary.
One of the trends of the moment which has caught my eye are the scatterings of spikes and studs which have been appearing amongst some of my favourite high street shops. My own personal style can be very feminine, but almost every outfit I wear includes some sort of spiky jewellery or studded item of clothing. Basically, I love studs.
I have recently been noticing and loving the black studded biker boots which I saw several pairs of when I was browsing in Zara a couple of days ago. Topshop and River Island have also caught onto this spreading trend, and it seems to be a fall favourite for this year. The timing for my noticing these gorgeous boots is a little poor, as I am going to Reading festival on Wednesday, which they would be perfect for :( I suppose I'll have to make do with boring wellies. Anyway, below are a few of my favourite pairs.



Unfortunately, due to my inconveniently expensive taste, the £119 (3rd row down, on the right) Zara ones are my favourites, closely followed by the above Topshop beauties. Oh well, at least I can just look at them all day :)

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  1. love these boots so much