Friday, 14 September 2012

Inexpensive perfumes!

Christian Dior apparently once said that a woman's perfume tells you more about her than her handwriting does, and I love the idea that a girl can be identified by a simple scent. I certainly agree with the quote, in saying that a woman's scent is a very personal matter, and believe that a perfume is not something you can quickly choose.
As I imagine many other girls do, I tend to find one perfume and use it for a long period of time, and then usually after a period of time I fall in love with a new scent, which takes over. Since about a year and a half ago, I have been completely obsessed with Beauty by Calvin Klein. I always find that I am drawn to Calvin Klein perfumes, and Euphoria is another one which has been another of my favourites. However, although Calvin Klein is not too expensive compared with some of the higher-end brands, I do tend to use perfume a little too liberally, and so I seem to run out fairly quickly! I am always on the lookout for good perfume deals, and it is often how I find new scents. The shops/websites I have usually used in the past are just Boots and The Perfume Shop (the sister brand of Superdrug). I have recently discovered, a beauty website which mainly sells perfumes at discounted prices. Don't be put off by the not so appealing name (which is perhaps meant to be ironic and i'm just being dim), as I was ecstatic to find that they sold my favourite of the moment, Beauty at a much lower price than usual, and with free delivery! I got a 50ml bottle of it for £32.95 (RRP £48), which I was really pleased with, as I would usually buy a 30ml bottle for around the same price. The website also claims that the perfume is dispatched within one day, which also sounds really good, but i'll have to see! 
They have a HUGE number of different perfumes, including several couture brands as well as celebrity names. I would be surprised if anybody COULDN'T find their perfume of choice on there. I believe they also sell  cosmetics, skincare, haircare, tanning products and men's aftershave. I haven't really looked at anything other than the perfumes yet, but if everything is as inexpensive as those then i'm sure i'll be a regular customer of theirs!

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