Saturday, 18 January 2014

KIKO Pencil Lip Gloss - 07

Before trying this, I had never used any products by KIKO, the famous Italian makeup brand - Make up Milano. But after having read  about the company in blogs and various magazines, I was especially pleased to receive this item as a present, along with a nail polish (which I am thinking of reviewing soon). The fairly new arrival of their store on Regent Street has made me want to immerse myself in the brand even more - I don't know why I ever ignored the two Westfield shops to be honest!
The formula of the product is pretty damn unique in terms of what i've tried before - although my own experiences are probably marginal compared to most bloggers - providing a simple, everyday option of lip gloss with a hint of colour. I for one am usually not a huge fan of lip gloss. It's just too sticky and not me, and if i'm honest I just think of the kind of 'makeup' I wore when I was about 12. A big gloopy mess. Although because of this fear I seem to have - yes, it is a fear I think - I avoided trying any type of lip gloss since then. I'm sure the likes of MAC and Laura Mercier provide very non-gloopy, nice versions of lip gloss. Anyway, I digress. What I like most about this product is the glossy finish with easy application. It is the kind of product you could easily apply without a mirror - as long as you're not too over-eager! Although I would imagine if the brand makes other darker/bolder colours, this may not be the case. It is fairly similar to the lip crayons which seem to have been flooding the shelves of every beauty brand as of late, but having owned a few of these, I do feel that KIKO have approached their line differently. But who knows, maybe I am just fooled by the confusing name. I did gasp upon reading it - "It's a pencil lip gloss??". The colour is a very light nude/baby pink, something I do not often wear, but this is a nice change.
I suppose the main downside of this cute little pencil is the need for sharpening once it goes blunt, as you can see mine has begun to. I shall have to invest in the right sized sharpener (which will hopefully also work on my Benefit Eye Bright!)
The product feels lovely and smooth and moisturising when on, and lasts about 1 hour - 1 1/2 hours without eating, I would say, but I am pleasantly surprised by this. I look forward to hopefully trying a few more products by KIKO. Their products are afforable, but great quality, as i've heard. I guess I've got to realise i'm a poor student soon. It's only taken a year and a half...

Anyone have any recommendations from KIKO?

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