Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Models Own 50% off sale + my wish list!

To celebrate their reaching 250k likes on Facebook, Modelsown are being rather lovely and rewarding all of us with 50% everything (well, nearly everything, not gift cards or nail sets) on their website. Hooray! That's very nice of them. However, I must tell you that upon closer inspection I saw that it was minimum spend of £25...which means only £12.50! You can fill your basket up with at least £25 worth of stuff, and then use the discount code HALFPRICE at the checkout to cut the cost in half.

Since one of my friends kindly tagged me in the Facebook post, she may have put my bank account in a very dangerous position. There are a few products from the brand which I have been eyeing up for some time now, and I feel that this sale is the perfect excuse for me to indulge myself. I have compiled a nice little list of all of my picks from the bunch. This is the stuff that I would buy - or maybe will buy if I succumb to my uncontrollable need to spend money and consequently accept that I will live on beans and ReadyBrek if I carry on like this - as well as some of my own recommendations. Enjoy!

Utopia - £5 (or £2.50 with the discount)

I have been considering buying this little beauty for quite some time, and this may be surprising since it is not the most exciting of colours, nor is it super expensive. I don't really know what has stopped me before now. Now, I realise that this picture does not make it look like the most amazing nail polish in the world, but I promise you that in person it is really beautiful. It is a simple, muted pale lilac colour. It had never caught my eye in Boots before, but the lovely Lily Melrose convinced me that I needed it, after raving about it in several posts. You can never have too many neutrals!

5 pc brush set - £10 (or £5, you get the gist)

This set is fairly nostalgic for me - I never knew makeup items could be that sentimental but apparently that's where my life is right now - as they were some of the first makeup brushes I've ever had. Some of them have survived, and some sadly haven't - shoutout to the angled eyebrow brush which I dropped in the middle of a road as I was frantically crossing over and almost dropped everything in my bag. Smooth, Holly, real smooth. Anyway, I couldn't recommend this set more, especially for anyone starting out in makeup. It's really good value even for its original price, and at the reduced price you really can't say no. 

 Hypergel formula in Coral Glaze - Original price £5

The trend of gel nails has been extremely popular as of late, and high street brands have caught onto this trend, producing their own DIY lines of gel-effect polishes. Most notably has been Barry M's line of their Gelly nail paints which was launched almost a year ago now, of which I own a couple myself. Modelsown have now designed their own new range of Hypergel polishes. I would definitely be interested in seeing how they compare to the Barry M versions. I saw this beautiful coral colour and immediately thought of (fake) tanned hands in the summer with this gorgeous shade popping out. 

Hypergel formula in Pink Veneer - Original price £5

There isn't much to say about this. I definitely maybe do not own ANY other nail polishes in this colour pink. It is distinctly different from any other pinks I have in my collection! In fact, as my friend Sian says, you need every single shade of pink. You seriously can never have enough pink nail varnishes though. Again, I think this would look amazing in the gel formula.

Hypergel formula in Naked Glow - Original price £5

A lovely everyday nudey colour. I actually don't own very many nude colour nail polishes. This one looks as though it would be much less pink-toned than what I often see called 'nude' in terms of nail polishes.

Apple Pie from the Fruit Pastel range - Original price £5

I was was enchanted by this cute scented range which the brand came out with in the summer, but never bought any for myself. I did buy the Grape Juice polish for my friend as a present, and I remember being especially drawn to this colour as I looked. It is probably mostly the novelty of your nails - and the polish bottle - being scented that excites me the most about this, but I am always on the lookout for the perfect mint green colours. Essie's Mint Candy Apple is obviously the dream, but I wonder if this could be a good dupe.

So that was my pick of the range. After writing all about the lovely things which I am lusting over, I think it may be even more difficult for me to resist buying them. I haven't tried loads of products from the brand before, so this could be a good time for me to try some stuff out. You really can't say no to 50% off can you....can you? I don't think I can. Something tells me I will metaphorically unfreeze my debit card very soon. If you understand the scene in Confessions of a Shopaholic which I am referring to then that's basically my life. Although I didn't actually know how to freeze it. I don't have much space in my freezer anyway...too much pizza and frozen peas...for now my card has just been hidden in my knicker drawer. Anyway, I'm rambling as usual. Hope you all enjoyed and I'd love to hear if you used the discount at all, so maybe I can live my shopping addiction vicariously!

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