Sunday, 19 January 2014

9 things which made my week

The idea for this post comes from a feature by one of my favourite blogs, Cider with Rosie, who usually does her ten best things of the week. I've really enjoyed reading her posts recently. Whether her best events of the week are big or small, they make me think about and appreciate all the little things I guess. All the feels! Ha.
Unfortunately I only have nine things. Maybe my life just isn't as good as hers! Haha, but to be honest I have had a fairly up and down week. A few things did make it all the better though. So here they are!

1. Receiving some gorgeous flowers as a surprise from my boyfriend after a fairly horrible exam on Monday! I cannot explain how much I love getting flowers. I'm such a girl. It made my revision stress that much better.

2. Taking a day off revision on Tuesday and allowing myself a pamper day for no apparent reason. Sometimes you don't need a reason, you just want to feel pretty! Again, I am a typical female in the sense that I get a great deal of pleasure from a hot bath, a face mask and painting my nails fun colours. Although I was probably just procrastinating and avoiding revision, I definitely had a lovely day to myself. Not a good idea to do this when you should be revising though...

3. Ordering new clothes from Missguided on Wednesday night (I do like how chronological this is), and receiving them in the post on Friday. Nothing like a shiny package of clothes wrapped in plastic to lift your mood! I got these beautiful embroidered shorts and this simple bodysuit if anyone cares. I am dying to get hold of the matching top to the shorts, as I've wanted a two-piece set for SUCH a long time. However, I am waiting to see if it goes down in price in the sale first. Yes I am a stingy student.

4. Ok for this one I definitely do not encourage anyone to do what I did. I may have gone on a night out two nights before the morning of my last exam. Everyone in my house had finished their exams on Thursday and were all going out. The child I am, could not bear to be left out, and since I had already done everything I could for my exam, I went out too, and had such a fun night. The exam on Saturday morning (yes, on a Saturday!) was an essay which we could plan before and take a plan in, which I had already written. So anyway, I still managed to revise on Friday despite not feeling completely fresh as a daisy *ahem hungover*.

5. Having a long overdue phone catch-up with my best friend in the world. Although she now goes to Uni somewhere less than 2 hours away on the train, we haven't managed to meet up at all since both being here. It was so nice to be able to talk to her and unload all of my exam-induced stress as well as have a normal chat with her after what feels like such a long time, although it's only been since Christmas.

6. FINALLY FINISHING EXAMS! As I said before, all of my friends finished their exams before me. Some of them over a week ago! Lucky twits. It feels so nice to be able to lie in bed for as long as I like, and spend my time as unproductively as I like (shoutout to Candy Crush and YouTube) and not feel guilty about it. I look forward to a relaxing week off before going back to lectures!

7. Being able to read for pleasure. Although this technically comes under the above point about finishing exams, I feel that I should give special mention to how happy this makes me. Since I do an English degree, I do not even have enough time to read all of my course texts sometimes, let alone anything for myself. Luckily, I do enjoy reading a lot of the course texts - which you would hope since I chose an English degree - but seriously, some of them are just dull. I received the new book in the Divergent trilogy for Christmas, Allegiant by Veronica Roth. If you are a fan of The Hunger Games, you should definitely give these books a read! I have already read about 100 pages of it and can't wait to read more.

8. Going to the cinema with Jamie last night to see American Hustle as a post-exams treat. While I may have extravagantly spent more money on popcorn and a drink than I did on my ticket, which I absolutely do not regret (...maybe a little bit), the film was very good too, I thought. I was fangirling about Jennifer Lawrence in every scene she was in, and I thought her character was hilarious, and I also enjoyed how amazing she looked. In fact, the costumes were one of my favourite aspects of the movie, being me of course, I always pay attention to the clothes. The film was nominated for a few Oscars, including Best Costume Design, I noticed. The music was also great. I always love a good 70's tune. The sound of Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road made me squeal a bit, as well as Bowie's The Jean Genie.

9. Having a lazy Sunday today. I had a delicious brunch of cinnamon french toast with berries and banana. Yum. I have spent the day relishing the fact that I can now do whatever I like. I also had an amazing pulled pork sub at a local diner, late afternoon with a couple of my housemates. Unfortunately I was too ravenous to take a photo before scoffing it down my gullet. I hope to spend the rest of the evening tidying my room/desk (very therapeutic for me) and maybe watching Frozen later on!

Hope you guys have had a good weekend. What have you been up to this week?

Excuse the mismatched knife and fork. #studentlife

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