Sunday, 9 February 2014

9 things which made my week

I thought I would do another one of these posts, as I have had quite a lovely week. I also just like thinking of all the little things which have cheered me up, as soppy as that sounds. The weather has mostly been very cold and rainy and miserable here in Swansea, as I think it has been across the whole of the UK, so I've definitely needed some cheering up!

1. Cwtching up with all of my housemates plus Jamie and my friend Oli to watch a film and eat junk food on Wednesday night. All the girls I live with have quite busy schedules, with uni/work/boyfriend commitments, that we don't often get a chance to spend time with each other. Even on this night, we couldn't unfortunately all be together, but there were a good few of us! Some of us lived with Oli last year, and miss him dearly, so it is rather nice when he makes an appearance. Our movie of choice was Wreck-it Ralph, an excellent Disney film which I implore you all to watch if you haven't already. Our snacks of choice were Butterkist toffee popcorn, Reese's peanut butter cups and chilli heatwave Doritos with sour cream and chive dip. Parfait.

2. Even though this point was last Sunday, I am going to count it! It was my housemate Beth's birthday, so we spent the day watching the rugby at the pub, with a few pints and some pool-playing, and then went for a Nando's in the evening. Luckily everyone in my house was able to come to the meal, (as well as a few boyfriends) so it was lovely to spend the night all together. Going out for food is seriously my favourite thing to do, and everyone loves Nando's. 

3. My extremely eccentric but quite hilarious history lecturer. It's nice to have someone a little bit mad teaching you rather than the robotic monotonous speakers whom I am often lectured by.

4. Finishing watching the final ever episode of The Office (US version) and bawling my eyes out. In fact I cried in probably the last three episodes. I get far too emotionally attached to characters (Jim and Pam) in any TV show (Also Chuck and Blair).

5. Two precious beautiful, crisp, sunny mornings. These are the reason that I only said the weather has been 'mostly' bad. I think I may do a separate post on this, as I took quite a few gorgeous photos. I think I may have seasonal-affective disorder or whatever that rather dubious condition is called. I LOVE SUNNY DAYS. That's it really.

6. A few wonderful smoothies. Due to the aforementioned excess of sugar and rubbish in my diet as of late, I felt that a bit of a detox was overdue. I am usually reasonably healthy (emphasis on 'reasonably'), but I have fallen off the wagon a bit recently. My blender was definitely one of the best purchases for my uni kitchen stuff. It's amazing how lovely a frozen banana and some berries can make you feel.

7. Finding my lost cat earring. This has genuinely cheered me up a lot, as sad as that sounds. They are a pair of cute black cat earrings which my best friend gave me a little while ago, and I thought one of them was lost forever. Alas, it was of course under my bed, the main repository for lost objects. 

8. Turning my pug calendar over for February. This did happen this week because I did it late. This marvellous calendar was one of the best presents I've ever received. The boyfriend did well. 

9. Beginning my application for UMass(!). I am lucky enough to be able to study abroad in America for a year with my degree scheme, and found out at Christmas-time that I got my first choice option of the University of Massachusetts. I am unbelievably excited! My application has to be in next week, so that's what I've been doing this week. It's all starting to feel real, and while a part of me is terrified, I am so glad that I am doing this. It was the main reason I chose the course I am doing - English and American Studies - and I really can't believe it is finally getting close!

So there we have it, the nine little things which made me happy this week. Some big, some small. I hope to do a few more of these posts as they seem to be quite popular. Hope you enjoyed! x 

P.S. If you do not know what 'Cwtching' is (as mentioned in point no.1), it is an adorable Welsh word for cuddling.

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