Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunny winter

I'm not entirely sure about the rest of the country, but the weather in my dear old city of Swansea has not been the best lately. I actually almost blew away in the 100mph winds (no that is not a typo) which have been causing lots of storms recently. I also heard that there have been 64 consecutive days of rain in the country's wettest city, my university home, which is not hard to believe at all.
However, amongst all of this disgusting rain, we have also been given a few precious mornings of clear blue skies and sunshine.
These photos are actually from a couple of weeks ago, but as I write this, I am actually being pleasantly blinded by the sun shining through my window, and thoroughly enjoyed walking back from my boyfriend's house without having to use an umbrella earlier today(!)
I feel that I went a bit crazy and snap-happy, hence the abundance of photographs. I guess I was just so astonished that I wasn't quickly shuffling to uni with my umbrella up and head down. Beautiful crisp winter mornings like these make my walks to uni for 9am lectures a lot more enjoyable. I am usually the kind of person who says that winter is my favourite season, but really this claim disappears once Christmas is over, but there is really nothing more lovely than a cold frosty morning, with a clear blue sky. I often forget that I am very lucky to live in a beautiful seaside city, and days when I can really appreciate a sea view whilst walking to uni make me realise why I love it here.

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