Sunday, 23 February 2014

Lunch in the park

These photos were taken on one of the few sunny days I have had in 2014 where I live, so I thought I would have to take advantage of it! It was actually a few weeks ago. My boyfriend and I had wanted to go on a walk around the big park near to us for a long time, and after a couple of failed attempts - one of which we walked to the end of the street, for it to then begin to hammer with rain, and we turned round and ran back to his house, to spend the afternoon watching The Office instead - we finally found a sunny day!
We actually went to two parks, and then headed to a little cafe for warm paninis.

Bodysuit - Missguided
Skirt - H&M (very old!)
Cut-out boots - Ark (similar)
Necklace - Topshop
Watch - Sekonda

This bodysuit is something I bought about a month ago, and it's already had a lot of wear. I had never owned one before, and I need a black long sleeve top, and thought i'd go for this. It's so so useful, and relieves the awkwardness of a top becoming untucked (first world problems). It's also just much more comfy than a regular top, since it is tight-fitting. The skirt is SUPER old, I'm talking a good 4 years maybe. I sometimes go quite a few months without wearing it, but then it will make an appearance again. The boots I also bought in the last few months, and they are almost falling to bits I have worn and loved them so much! They give me enough height without looking too fussy, and I was eager to catch onto the cut-out trend, so I snatched these babies up.

I actually had my pink fluffy Topshop coat on all day too (it wasn't sunny enough for no coat!), but we actually forgot to take some photos of me in it. I thought I would take a nice close-up of my watch, since I love it so much. I got it for Christmas from Jamie and haven't taken it off since.

Also, I would like to again apologize for my somewhat awkward, grimacing facial expressions. I hope that with time I will get used to being photographed for posts like these!
I am also sad that I haven't been able to blog that much in the past couple of weeks. I am actually swamped with work at the moment, and also had my application for my year abroad to deal with last week. I hope that i'll be able to get back on track to posting more regularly soon, as I have a lot of ideas!


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