Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Barry M Silk Nails

Barry M Silk Nails in 'Meadow' - £3.99

I do not think I am alone in confessing that the fairly frequent 3 for 2 offer on pretty much EVERYTHING in Boots that comes around every now and then is a very difficult feat for a girl to resist. Am I right or am I right?

Sure enough, when I popped into town with no intention of buying anything other than what I needed - lol, when does that ever actually happen - I was greeted by the glorious banners proclaiming '3 FOR 2 ACROSS ALL BEAUTY, BODY AND HAIR' which adorned every area that your eyeline could possibly flit across in the shop. It is a sight which warms my heart everytime, and alas, I the lures of the ever-enticing makeup shelves of Boots.
In my somewhat modest haul - meaning that I only did '3 for 2', rather than 6 for 4, or even...9 for 6 as I have been sometimes known to do...*ahem* - I picked up this glorious new item. As a rather avid shopper of the timeless Barry M nail paints - I think my collection must be close to about 60 now - I am always pleased to see any new collections which the brand may be offering. It had been a long time since I bought a new nail polish, and their new range of 'Silk' nail paints immediately caught my eye. They are described as having 'a pretty pearl finish, perfect for spring', which I guess is what my first thoughts were too. The range is made up of six pastel shades: a baby pink (Blossom), a creamy white (Pearl), an ashy gold (Truffle), a pastel turquoise (Meadow), a powder blue (Mist) and a lilac (Heather). The colour I chose was Meadow, as this beautiful turquoise, aquamarine colour is not something I have really seen much of before, or that I already have. The formula is fairly similar to most of the standard Barry M nail paints - perhaps excluding the hi-shine Gelly polishes, which are naturally a bit thicker. I applied one coat, which is slightly sheer on its own, so I let it dry and then applied a second coat, before sealing with a top coat. The colour is really beautiful, and I guess it's only a matter of time before I head out to buy all of the others. Even with a top coat, I have to say that the polish did chip only within about 2 days, but I find that most Barry M polishes unfortunately are like this. Nevertheless, I still adore their huge range of colours and effects. For £3.99, I would say this is a pretty unique range, perfect for the pastel trends this spring.

 (Ring from Topshop)

Are you tempted by any of the colours in the Silk collection?

Hope you enjoyed!

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