Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Crumbs Kitchen, Swansea

Today I wanted to write a bit of a different post to my usual fashion/beauty focused content, so that I could talk about a lovely little cafe/restaurant. One of the things I love most about Swansea is the number of independent businesses dotted around the city. In a little area quite near to my house, is Crumbs Kitchen. My boyfriend and I noticed it quite early on this year, and having to walk past twice a day, to and from uni, I was more and more tempted by the delicious smells and cosy atmosphere of the place. What first attracted me was the breakfasty-brunch options which I most often saw on the chalkboard outside. So our first trip to Crumbs was for breakfast, and we were not disappointed.

A bit later on in the term, I was treated to a lovely Valentine's day lunch at the cafe, and this is when we were really wowed. Crumbs' menu is entirely vegetarian, offering healthy, mostly natural meal choices. If this is the complete opposite to what you usually look for in an eatery, and you are about to stop reading, don't.  myself am definitely quite a carnivore, but am usually open to health-oriented restaurants like this. My boyfriend, however, is definitely not. We were both skeptical when ordering our meat-free dishes, but were very pleasantly surprised. Pictured above, is our feast of (mostly) nutritious, but delicious (awkward rhyme) food. Jamie ordered a sweet potato and hummous wrap, and I got a slice of broccoli and (I think) feta quiche - it was some type of cheese, but pretty sure it was feta. Anyway it was so so yummy! We also ordered some of the nachos to share, because we are both nacho fiends, and if they appear on a menu of any restaurant that we visit, they will undoubtedly be ordered. All of it was so delicious. As you can see, the nachos were far from what we had expected to get; a place of plain tortilla chips with some mediocre cheese and maybe some salsa too. They came with a lot of fresh vegetables and salad, with reeeeeally good cheese too. We ate it all up and still couldn't resist the desserts. Jamie went for carrot cake and I had a chocolate and courgette cake. They were both SOOOO GOOD. I cannot explain how delicious they were, you'll have to visit and find out for yourself! I never thought courgette could taste so good, definitely not with chocolate!

Crumbs Kitchen is a great option for an inexpensive, delicious, healthy lunch or brunch. I would even go back just for a cup of tea and another slice of the amazing cake. I think it's so important to support local businesses, and they are some of my favourite places to go to for food and drink, just because it's always going to be different to what you are expecting. I think generally smaller, independent cafes/restaurants always have such a nicer, friendly atmosphere too, and Crumbs was no exception. I can't wait to go back again soon!
 We went again recently, just because it was so good, and I will include some photos I took from that time :)

Hope you enjoyed! X

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