Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sharp angles

Bodysuit - Missguided
Skort - Boohoo
Necklace - eBay
Boots - ARK
Coat - Topshop

Hello lovelies! I have another outfit post for you here, against the standard not-so-pretty background of my street. As much of my wardrobe is quite colourful, I really love the coolness of wearing monochrome outfits -obviously excluding my coat in this case, although I don't feel that it is too striking a colour to ruin the effect! I am obviously not cool enough to be one of these edgy people who never wear any colour, and probably who subsist on nothing but sushi and cayenne pepper and lemon juice. Yeah I don't really know where I've created this character from.
I am looooving the skorty trend which has recently emerged. I bought this one about 2 months ago for the grand old price of about £12 from Boohoo. I have to say that you do get what you pay for though. I have worn this on two nights out so far, and I must say that it is not the thickest of fabrics, especially from the back....certain desperate flesh-coloured underwear measures had to be taken. However, I do love it, and this was the first time I wore it during the day with tights, which worked out fine, especially with the bodysuit concealing my dignity too! This bodysuit has featured in one or two posts before, but I am quite glad I bought it. It is so comfortable to wear a top(ish) that 1. Doesn't come untucked from skirts or shorts (or skorts!) and 2. Holds up your tights, preventing the ever-agonizing difficulty of the gradual realisation that the crotch of your tights is almost exposed below your skirt. #Girlproblems.

#Pout lol

Cheers to my budding photographer Sianyphil xxxxxx

Hope you all enjoyed!

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